March 14th, 2014
10.00am to 4.00pm
The Market Place, Derby

Join us and celebrate the Bus Showcase Event and discover how you can love your journey by bus.

Come and see us at The Market Place, Derby on the 14th March to Work, Relax and Play!

Work… With improved frequency and coverage, getting the bus to work could be the best option for you. Speak to one of our personal travel advisors on board the Connected bus and you could receive a free bus taster ticket* for your commute to work.

Relax… Visit the Connected relaxation bus, and get a free 10 minute head massage and goodie bag whilst you discover first hand just how comfortable and modern our improved buses are.

Play… Visit the marquee and play Bus Munch – just munch the dots to win lots! The highest scorer each hour will receive a free weekly bus ticket. Other competitions (such as spot the bunny!) and prizes are also available on the day.

Plus there is live entertainment, refreshments and canapés; these will be available in the marquee from 12noon to 2.oopm.

There will be plenty of opportunities to grab a goodie bag or Bus Munch lunch cooler bag, which will be full of great bus and Connected bits.

There will also be a vintage bus, where you can step back in time and see how buses have changed over the decades!

You will also have the chance to check out the new buses that Arriva and trent barton have amongst their fleets including the Connected bus!

You can see all the great work and improvements that have been made over the past two years by the Better by Bus project to Derby’s bus services.

  • FAQs

    Terms and conditions
    • Who can get a free taster ticket? Car drivers who do not currently travel by bus can get a free weekly taster ticket for either trent barton or Arriva
    • What if I already catch the bus? If you currently use sustainable transport to travel to work then you will be entered into a prize draw to win bus tickets, but will not be entitled to the taster tickets on the day
    • Why is it only car drivers? The taster tickets are to encourage people to make sustainable travel choices and to try a different mode of transport
    • How many massages can I get? Each person is entitled to one complimentary treatment on the day. You will be given a ticket from inside the marquee, which can be exchanged for the treatment on the relax bus