June 16th 2016

Derby City Council has prepared a compulsory purchase order (CPO) for private land required for the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement scheme. Land sale negotiations are currently progressing with the landowners involved but a CPO is being prepared at the same time in case a negotiated sale is not possible.

This stage of the scheme covers the compulsory purchase of land and new rights in the vicinity of Wyvern Way/A52 Brian Clough Way. As part of the process, notices will be in the Derby Telegraph, site notices will be put up near the land and notices served on those with an interest in the land. The CPO and relevant documents, including plans showing the land that is needed, will also be on deposit at the Council House, Corporation Street, Derby, and can be viewed during normal office hours.

If no objections have been made by 15 July 2016, it will be possible to confirm the Order in November 2016.  If objections are made, it is likely that there would be a public inquiry in 2017.

The scheme is designed to address traffic congestion concerns on the A52 while providing improvements for pedestrians and cyclists using the Wyvern and Pride Park. A planning application was approved in April 2016.

The scheme includes:

  • extra lanes on the A52, near the Wyvern junctions
  • carriageway resurfacing and replacement safety barriers
  • a new two lane slip road off the A52 into Wyvern/Pride Park
  • a new signal controlled crossroads at the junction of Wyvern Way and Derwent Parade, with bus priority detectors on the westbound approach
  • improvements to help pedestrians and cyclists including new shared use routes and new crossing facilities and
  • a replacement wider pedestrian and cycle bridge across the A52 from Meadow Lane, Chaddesden to Wyvern, with ramps so that it is accessible to all users.

Councillor Martin Rawson, Deputy Leader of Derby City Council and Cabinet Member for Communities and City Centre Regeneration said: “We are advancing well with plans to start construction work on the scheme in 2017 and we need to ensure that all necessary procedures are in place for work to begin. We are obviously very hopeful that negotiations with the relevant landowners will be positive but we still have to put a CPO in place in case a negotiated sale does not happen.”

“It is vital we bring forward these much needed improvements, for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists using Pride Park. We have undertaken major consultation on the scheme and it is clear from the many comments received that the plans to reduce congestion and provide better facilities are strongly supported by the public.”

Construction of the scheme is planned to start in 2017 and the work will take approximately 18 months to complete.