July 20th 2015

Arriva Derby have been thinking about changing where their buses go in Derby and how often. After receiving feedback from over 1500 customers, they have decided that changing everything at once is not what would be best for their customers. Instead they are going to do it in two parts. The first changes will take place on the 6th September 2015 and will affect the current 20/22/24/26/28/29 services. This also gives more time to consider the alternative proposals that were put forward by customers on other services . We imagine this second change will be set to take place in October 2015

A summary of their changes, of what you said and why Arriva have decided to do what they are doing can be viewed


We proposed to change the Service 20 route which would have meant the current route to Lexington Road,then along Lexington Road to Sunny Grove, onto Nottingham Road in a one way loop . This would have meant no longer serving Sanderson Road or Parkside Road. We proposed a reduction in frequency from 12 minutes to 15 minutes.

You said…

  • You wanted to maintain the route to have access to the doctors on Maine Drive
  • You wanted Reginald Road South to be served by a bus in both directions
  • You were happy with the current route and liked the service

We did…

  • We are going to maintain the current route on the 20.

SERVICE 22/24/26 – No changes to current route.


We proposed that this would follow the current route to Henley Green but then a change on the return route along Knightsbridge to pick up the current 29 route back to Albert Street. We would also change the number so that it would be called an 8.

You said…

  • You were concerned about less buses on Ashbourne Road.
  • You liked the current services.

We did…

  • We are going to go with the proposal. This means that from the 6th September 2015 the 28 will become the 8 and will be operating the above route.
  • We reviewed the passenger numbers along Ashbourne Road and concluded that we are confident that we are matching the demand with the appropriate supply.


Our proposal was to operate the current route to Henley Green then on to Radbourne Lane to serve the new housing development (Langley Country Park). The route between Henley Green and Radbourne Lane would be via Acton Road, Dulwich Road and Moorgate then return along the same route . This service would be every 30 minutes.

You said…

  • You liked the current service.
  • You would like it to operate later into the evenings.

We did…

  • We are going to go with the proposal. This means that from the 6th September 2015 the 29 will become the 9 and will be operating the above route.

Arriva would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave them feedback.

It has been a really good way to move the business forward together with local communities. Arriva will be announcing the rest of the changes towards the end of August and their consideration of the comments relating to these services continues.