March 28th 2018

From Sunday 1st April, a number of buses are moving bays in the bus station.

The number of hourly departures from Bays 2, 3 and 4, will be reduced to allow for a smoother operation at the two entrances into the bus station, and high frequency departure bays will be distributed throughout the bus station to ease congestion.

The changes will take effect from Sunday 1st April, and the new bay allocation is as follows:

Bay Service Operator
2 12/12A Notts & Derby
3 11 & Black Cat Notts & Derby
Trent Barton
4 Comet
Trent Barton
High Peak
5 Red Arrow Trent Barton
6 i4 Trent Barton
7 Indigo
Trent Barton
8 Y3 & Y5 Yourbus
9 Ilkeston Flyer Trent Barton
10 Spondon Flyer Trent Barton
11 26 Arriva Midlands
12 22 Arriva Midlands
13 24 Arriva Midlands
14 20 Arriva Midlands
15 Park & Ride and F1
Arriva Midlands
16 1 & 1A Yourbus
17 1 & 1A Arriva Midlands
18 2, 2A & 2B Arriva Midlands
19 Sapphire 38 Arriva Midlands
20 Mickleover Green Trent Barton
21 Mickleover Blue Trent Barton
22 The Sixes Trent Barton
23 The Villager (V1)
The Sixes (6.X)
Trent Barton
24 The Villager (V3)
The Swift
Trent Barton


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