July 4th 2014

The results are in!

We’ve come to the end of Derby’s first Commuter Challenge and what a great month it’s been. Together we’ve logged nearly 9,000 journeys, saved 0.8 tonnes CO2, burned over 1 million calories between us, saved nearly £10,000 in petrol costs and travelled over 81,000 miles – lapping the earth three times – wow!

We’ve enjoyed hearing stories about your daily commute and how the Challenge has inspired some of you to try a new way of getting around. Well done to everyone who managed to avoid driving to work by whatever means.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Commuter Challenge and will continue to walk, cycle, motorbike, use public transport or carshare whenever you can. A huge thank you to all of you who uploaded photos and comments.  Please can you email a postal address to lisa.hopkinson@derby.gov.uk  so we can send you all a water bottle and bag.

Workplaces (based on participation)

A big thank you to all the organisations that participated. Well done to the winning teams who get a £100 donation to a charity of their choice plus four weeks free roadside publicity.

Micro organisation (3-24)

Winner: Safe and Secure Home Insurance

Participation: 100%, Journeys: 127, Distance: 1038 miles, CO2 saved: 46.332kg, Calories burned: 52279.3, Money saved: £58.97

Runner up: Unison Derby City Branch

Small organisation (25-90)

Winner: University of Derby Students’ Union

Participation: 25%, Journeys: 319, Distance: 2533.5 miles, CO2 saved: 168.423kg, Calories burned: 28622.5 , Money saved: £181.56

Runner up: East Midlands Trains

Medium organisation (91-249)

Winner: Capgemini

Participation: 18%

Journeys: 423, Distance: 7086.68 miles, CO2 saved: 655.131kg , Calories burned: 49131.4, Money saved: £824.52

Runner up: Synergy Health

Large organisation (250+)

Winner: Interfleet Technology Ltd

Participation: 10%, Journeys: 752, Distance: 9652.75 miles, CO2 saved: 683.073kg, Calories burned: 111919, Money saved: £812.11

Runner up: University of Derby

Each workplace has won a £100 donation to a charity of their choice and an advertisement for four weeks on a roadside board.

The individual winners for each category who logged the most overall saving/journey are:

CO2 saved

Dean Harlow of Etches Park (Expert Recyclers) who saved 0.7 tonnes CO2 wins a £50 iTunes voucher. Runner up: Brian Reynolds of Angel Trains.

Sustainable journeys logged

Dale Finnegan of Capgemini and Aaron Walters of Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Joint winners with 122 journeys each win cinema tickets for Showcase Cinema de Lux.

Cycling journeys

Aaron Walters of Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with 76 journeys wins a £50 voucher for a local cycle shop. Runner up: Michael McNaught of Parks and Landscape.

Walking journeys

Arshad Mahmood of Derby City Council and Vijay Rajof Capgemini with 54 journeys, each win a £50 voucher for an outdoor clothing store.

Runner up:  Graham Sellors of Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Bus journeys

Deborah Bleasdale, cleaner/carer, with a staggering 99 journeys wins a month’s free bus travel.

Runner up: Chris Hegarty of Derby City Council.

Train journeys

Andy Prior of East Midlands Trains with 41 journeys wins a £50 iTunes voucher.

Runners up: Sarah Lowe of East Midlands Trains, Aaron Walters and Dean Harlow.

Car share journeys

Chris Mo of ASG group with 41 journeys wins a £50 iTunes voucher.

Runner up: Sandie Bennett of Interfleet Technology Ltd.

Home working days

Dominic Hilton of Derby College (Students) with 25 avoided journeys wins a £50 iTunes voucher. Runner up: Dale Finnegan of Capgemini.

Motorbike/moped journeys

Winner: Ian Chennery of Derby City Council with 24 journeys wins a £50 iTunes voucher. Runner up: Dean Harlow of Etches Park.

Best Photo

Sunrise on Ashbourne Road, near Shottle.

Winner: Colin Clennell, City of Derby Academy, cycled 640 miles during the challenge!

winning picture

Best Comment Winner: Tony Daykin Safe & Secure Home Insurance. Cycled 734 miles during the challenge! “Here we go!! I’m up for the challenge and I will be travelling 18 miles to work and 18 miles back.  Let’s see how many days I can keep it up!! Hope the weather is kind”.  The winners of the best photo and comment will each receive a meal for two at Restaurant Zest (one of the challenge’s participants)

Congratulations again to our winners, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Commuter Challenge, and thank you for taking part.