January 31st 2017

People in Derby will benefit from improved green travel options thanks to a successful bid by Derby City Council.

It was announced today (Thursday 26th January) that Derby City Council, in partnership with Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and other local delivery partners, have been successful in their bid for a £2.75 million share of the Department for Transport’s (DFT) Sustainable Travel Access Fund (2017/18 – 2019/20).

The £60m Access Fund, which was launched by the DfT last July, supports sustainable transport projects that help to grow the economy by boosting levels of cycling and walking, and by improving access to jobs, skills, training and education.

Derby will receive just over £1m across a three year period to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport through two work streams.

The Metro Connected Communities work stream aims to encourage behaviour change in local communities to improve air quality and public health by providing:

  • Targeted households with personal travel plans to encourage the use of zero or low emission transport alternatives, helping to improve air quality in that area
  • Active Travel Services in communities to encourage more physical activity through walking and cycling by providing services such as adult cycle training and led rides.
  • A programme of active travel events, including working in partnership with British Cycling to support cycling events and encourage participation.

The Metro Jobs work stream will support local economic development, by improving access to work, jobs and skills with programmes to support employers, business innovation and those seeking employment by providing:

  • Workplace travel planning activities for local employers, including personal journey planning that will support and encourage individuals to commute by sustainable modes of travel. Specifically, we will work with local employers to improve sustainable transport options at their premises by supporting the development of travel plans.
  • Jobseeker travel support to help individuals overcome travel barriers and connect to jobs. This will include the creation of drop in services to help job seekers access travel solutions including access to bikes, journey budding, cycle training and general travel information .

Councillor Martin Rawson, Cabinet Member for Communities & City Centre Regeneration said:

“This is a great example of how partnership working in the Derby and Nottingham Metropolitan area is helping both cities secure funding to help us meet our air quality objectives.  Not only will this help us improve air quality and support the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in 2020, it will build on the success of the Local Sustainable Transport Programme delivered locally through Connected, and further embed a culture of sustainable travel in the City.”