October 6th 2014

Connected is encouraging drivers to sign up to Derbycarshare.com during national ‘Liftshare Week’ (6th – 10th October) with an outdoor and online marketing campaign.

Any current or new members who send a ‘request to share’ message between 3rd – 24th October will be entered into a prize draw. One lucky member will not only walk away with a potential car-sharer, but also a £150 intu gift card.

The current car share scheme now has 1,400 members who are already benefiting financially.  The average amount saved by car sharing to work is around £20 each week, that’s around £1,000 a year. The scheme also helps the environment by reducing congestion, car emissions and pollution. Car sharing also makes journeys more sociable and many people feel safer travelling with others.

Councillor Rawson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Environment & Regeneration said: “It is very encouraging that people are signing up to derbycarshare. Sharing car journeys is such a simple idea which cuts congestion, but is also so much better for the environment, our stress levels and our pockets.  I am very excited about Connected and the car share scheme, and the massive advantages it can bring to the city.  I welcome the reduction in congestion and pollution, and look forward to seeing more people moving around Derby sustainably.”