March 9th 2017

Council Cabinet Members will be discussing the provisional working option for the implementation of a Clean Air Zone in the city, at its meeting on Wednesday 15th March.

Derby is one of just five cities outside of London identified by DEFRA as having areas of air quality exceedance, and over the last few months the Council has been working under their direction to deliver a Clean Air Zone with a chargeable access restriction by 2020.

Whilst detailed work and ongoing national policy continues to be developed by DEFRA, the working option gives an indication of what a Clean Air Zone in the city may include and look like.

DEFRA have indicated that the chargeable access restriction will apply to buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles, taxis and private hire vehicles, and will restrict the movement of these vehicles unless they meet defined Euro emission standards.  These standards, timetable and charges will all be defined by DEFRA.

The Council have previously raised concerns over the mandate by DEFRA, in particular around the modelling used to identify areas of exceedance, and these discussions will be ongoing, along with the lobbying for support packages to be made available to minimise the impact on those mostly affected.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, Councillor Asaf Afzal said:

“We have made it our priority to reduce pollution levels and improve air quality in the city, and everyone has a part to play.  Over the next few months, we will begin discussions with stakeholders, local businesses and members of the public, so they fully understand the potential implications and impact of the government requirement for a Clean Air Zone in the city.”