March 21st 2017

Update on bus services:

Notts & Derby will provide a shuttle bus from Chester Green to/from Derby City Centre between the hours of 08.00-18.00 daily and 10.00-16.00 Sundays until further notice, starting today (Thursday 23rd March).

It is their intention to operate every 20 minutes from Chester Green from 08.00 with the last bus at 18.00 to the City and return from the City at 08.10 and every 20 minutes. We will use bus stop C7 in Derby City Centre.

For information about Trent Barton bus services that have been affected by this issue, either visit their website, follow them on twitter (@trentbartonland) or like their Facebook page.  More information can be found at


Following the water main burst on Mansfield Road (at the junction with Alfreton Road and Old Chester Road) the road will remain closed until essential repairs have been completed. Diversion signs have been erected to help guide traffic. Access for local residents and adjacent businesses is available but all through traffic is advised to stay away from the area.

Essentially all traffic wishing to access Alfreton Road can only do so from the north and the A61 junction. Those leaving the city centre and who would have used the Mansfield Road route should either use the A61 Sir Frank Whittle Way or Stores Road. We have informed the bus companies.

Severn Trent Water expect that repairs to the water main itself and reinstatement of the road which was severely damaged will take until at least the middle of this week to complete.

Here’s the latest update from Severn Trent Water:

It’s going to be a busy day on site today as we get on with fixing the pipe, checking the area for damage and preparing to repair the road.

You might see some water in the streets today but this is nothing to worry about, we’re just flushing the bigger, 30-inch, pipe to make sure that it’s nice and clean before we bring it back into service.

We’re also going to be checking the drains, which might seem a bit odd, but we want to make absolutely certain that there’s no debris in there that might cause problems if it starts raining heavily again. Our teams will be using CCTV cameras to take a look down there and, if we find anything, we’ll make sure that we get it cleared up.

As things seem to be going to plan now, we’ll also be looking to start standing down some of the tankers that have been injecting directly into our network of water pipes to help keep our customers on supply while we carry out the repair.

Our subcontractors will also be out and about working out what they need to do to resurface the road and put everything back to normal once we’ve finished repairing the pipe.

We’d like to say sorry again to everyone who was affected on Sunday and who’s been affected since, especially as we know that some people are still having low water pressure as a result of the fix we put in place to bypass the burst pipe. Once everything’s fixed, though, everything should get back to normal pretty quickly.

We still reckon it’ll be a couple more days before we get the road fixed and, because the burst was pretty much on the roundabout, that means it’s likely we’ll have to keep the roads closed but, if we can open any of them up and still work safely, we will.

For further updates either visit the Severn Trent Water website or follow them on twitter: @stwater