This is an exciting two year project being delivered as a partnership between Sustrans and Derby City Council. The focus of the project is empowering the community to regenerate Normanton and Pear Tree Road. The project has community led design at its core, and the engagement process will foster community ownership. The temporary interventions that are borne out of the community engagement process will help shape streets that encourages positive social interaction, and the use of sustainable forms of transport.

PP4P Hero

In order to achieve the projects objectives initial relationships with key community contacts have been built. The feedback from the relationship building process is has helped to shape the future delivery of the project. Also complementary relationships are being developed with key Council departments and project partners.

Engaging Communities

The project went live to the wider community on the 14th August. This was done via pop-up events in strategic locations along Normanton and Pear Tree Road. The events acted as a project ice-breaker, allowing the immediate community to take project ownership from the very beginning. The events captured the communities aspirations for there street, and provided them with an overview of the project. The initial message was to reclaim the street, and this was done via a living room being setup in areas along the road. Consider the street as an extension of your living room! Although this was a bit of fun the living room set grabbed peoples attention and made them think about the street in a different way.