The best way to get people interested in something is offer them a reason to take part. That’s why there is now a range of travel offers and incentives that businesses can pass on to their employees.

For most people, the cost of travelling is a real issue and it is one that has intensified with recent rises in the cost of fuel. People don’t want to pay a fortune to get to work these offers and discounts will help to make sustainable travel more affordable.

Offers For You and Your Employees

By signing up to Connected, you will able to offer your employees these benefits which could have a really positive impact on your workforce:

  • Free ‘Taster Tickets’ for certain bus services
  • Discounts on bulk purchases of bus season tickets
  • Discounts on rail and bus saver tickets
  • Low priced Recycled Bikes for your employees
  • Better workplace facilities paid for by Grant Funding

So contact us and sign up to be part of the Connected network and we will talk you through all of the special offers that are available.