Everyone can be a cyclist no matter what your skills.  You may not have ridden a bike before, or not been on one for years and want to cycle more.  Well Connected have a whole range of services and projects that can help you!

So if you think you can’t then we are here to let you know how you can and we can help you  overcome any barriers to get you on to two wheels.

To make things easier we have created six types of cyclist.  This maybe the type of cyclist you currently are, the one you would like to be or one that you would like to do more of. So look at the different types to find out which one you are…

The Explorer

Whether you like to escape into the countryside for a ride or enjoy weekends cycling with the family, Derby is a great place to explore on your bike, individually, as a group or with family. Cycling is great for your health, wealth and well being and we have some great projects that can help to explore further or to explore more!

The Commuter

Commuting by bike is a great time saver and helps to keep you healthy. Find out how we can help further ease your commute or help you to get started on changing how you travel to work.

The Eco-Warrior

Looking after the environment is an ever growing importance in our daily lives, and cycling is a great way to start to consider your environment and the implications of driving or other forms of transport. We can let you know about some of our projects that can help you reduce your carbon footprint!

The Learner

Whether you haven’t learnt to ride a bike or it’s been years since you were on 2 wheels, we have some great offers and opportunities that can help you to start cycling or to give you the confidence to give cycling another go.

The Penny Saver

Cycling is a great way to save money.  Maintaining a bike annually costs 20 times less than maintaining and driving a car! We can you let you know about the services we offer that can help you keep those pennies!

The Enthusiast

If you love cycling and are passionate about it, then we would love you to become an ambassador and help to encourage others to take up cycling whether it’s to commute, to stay healthy or just as a leisure hobby.

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