If you cycle to work regularly, it can be hard to find time to give your bike the once-over it needs to make sure it’s still ship-shape and safe. That’s why with Dr Bike, the cycle mechanic comes to you.

As part of Connected we are running loads of Dr Bike sessions at local organisations that have large numbers of staff who cycle.

On a Dr Bike day, a fully trained bicycle mechanic will visit your company and sets up a ‘workshop’ near the cycle storage area. They will then give a free health-check to all the bikes and will make minor repairs for free or do larger repairs by request. This way, there’s no need to cram your bike into the boot of your car just to take it to the cycle shop. By the end of your work day, your bike will be serviced and as good as new.

If you think that you’d like a Dr Bike session at your workplace, ask your employer to get in touch with Connected.