Buses in Derby are something to be proud of. In fact, the city’s buses are so good that they were ranked 6th overall in the country for quality and uptake by Campaign for Better Transport. The city has modern, affordable, clean and reliable bus services that go to every suburb every 10 minutes or so.


Buses fit in with the modern always connected lifestyles that many people now lead as you can listen to your own music, read a book or surf the web on your smartphone, all whilst someone else is doing the driving. Wouldn’t it be great to have WiFi too? You can get it in hotels, in pubs, on trains and in cafes… well did you know that many buses in Derby now have free WiFi? So now you can stay online all the way there.

You can relax on a bus and get some much needed ‘you-time’.

See how Richard started to use the bus occasionally and soon began to use it more and more…