Kay, works at the Joseph Wright Centre

“I love my journey by bus because… it saves me a fortune and I can catch up on my reading!”

I’ve used the bus to get from Mickleover to my job in the city centre for the last eight years. They go so frequently past my house that I barely ever have to wait for one at all!


I use a Trent Barton Mango card to pay on the bus and it’s so cheap. I top it up every month or so and £50 will last ages. If I used our car, I think £50 of petrol would last a couple of weeks! It really saves me a fortune and means our car still has nice low mileage on it.

I must admit that technology has made my bus ride even more enjoyable. I got an e-reader for Christmas and now spend the 20 minutes or so each way getting through my favourite books, which is great. Sometimes I even download a TV show onto my phone and watch that while I travel. I get so engrossed in it that I often wish the journey was a bit longer so I could watch the ending.

I’d recommend the bus to anyone who travels to the city centre. As long as you have something to occupy yourself with the journey will fly by!