Bike It offers free cycling advice and practical training to job-seekers, with the aim of helping them to get back into employment by making travelling there easier, cheaper and more sustainable. Everybody taking part receives a customised action plan that will hopefully enable them to make positive changes to the way they get around and search for employment.

Who is it for?

Bike It for job-seekers is being offered to anyone who is currently unemployed and looking for employment or training within Derby. You may be a registered job-seeker who’s actively seeking employment, or a parent thinking about returning to work now that your child is in education. If you want to gain the skills and knowledge to confidently cycle or walk to a new job, then Bike It for job-seekers can help.

What do I get?

Each job-seeker will receive a 1-1 advice and planning session. An individualised action plan will then be produced, depending on your needs. Your action plan could include some or all of the following options which will be provided by your Bike It Officer or through our highly skilled partners.

  • Cycle training
  • Route planning
  • Maintenance skills
  • Led rides
  • Access to recycled bikes
  • Partner referrals

How do I find out more?

The Derby Bike It Officer is Neil Canham. If you would like to find out if you qualify to take part in Bike It then please contact him:

Mobile: 07887 717912