Aaron, travels sustainably to help the environment.

“I find travelling to work fairly stress free”

Aaron Walters who works for Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust uses a folding bike and the train to get to work from Heeley, Sheffield to the Royal Derby Hospital. He started cycling to work about 5 years ago and bought the bike through the Derby Hospitals’ Cycle to Work scheme, a salary sacrifice scheme which saved a significant amount of money and spread the cost of the bike. Aaron commutes by bike and train because he’s passionate about environmental issues and tackling climate change which he considers the biggest challenge of our time. Aaron took part in the Connected Commuter Challenge and won prizes for most cycling journeys and most journeys overall (122 journeys and a distance of 1645 miles). It made him feel he was doing something positive, and was motivational as he now rides longer routes home using some of the excellent off-road cycle paths around Derby.