Simon, cycles 21 miles to work!

“I love cycling. The feeling of achievement is immense”

When Reckitt Benckiser joined the Cycle-to-Work scheme, enabling staff to get discounted bikes, employee Simon Stanton felt unfit, had put on some weight, and had back and knee problems. He decided to buy a bike and start cycling to work from his home near Clay Cross. To start with he parked his car half-way at a friend’s house and cycled 12 miles. After his friend moved he started cycling the whole 21 miles including some large hills, taking him an hour and 45 minutes. Soon he was cycling three times a week and reduced his journey time to an hour and 25 minutes. Although he doesn’t cycle when the weather is bad, he has sold his motorbike, and bought a second, lightweight bike. He has also started doing sponsored bike rides, including a 100 mile ride in a day for Children with Cancer UK.