Peter, works on Pride Park

“I love my journey by bike because… I get exercise and don’t have to worry about traffic!”

Cycling to Pride Park saves me the hassle of getting stuck in city traffic every day and I really like the stress-free break that I get after being in work all day.


I took up cycling because I like to keep fit and enjoy whizzing past open fields, farms and canals. I use the Cloud Trail past Melbourne to avoid busy roads and get some proper fresh air that makes me feel great first thing in the morning.

I’ve been cycling to work for a couple of years now and must have saved a fortune in fuel costs, plus it’s helped me keep the mileage on my car nice and low too, which is bonus you don’t really think about.

I know getting lots of exercise is good for me and combining it with my trip to work means that I can stay active during the week and not worry about it when I get home. There’s a bit of extra planning to do, such as making sure I pack the right stuff and leaving time to get changed at work but it’s definitely worth it!