Most of us spend a lot of our personal lives travelling about. Not only does it cost a lot of money to get around but it can consume time that perhaps could be better spent having some fun.

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  • Combine Your Journeys

    Cram more stuff into one trip
    If you think about all the places you’re going to be travelling to over, say, a week, very often you can combine several of them into just one trip. Could you call in at the supermarket on your way back from work? Could you cycle with your kids to school and then head off to work on your bike afterwards? The more journeys you combine, the more time and money you’ll save. It’s that easy and all it takes is a bit of planning!
  • Plan Ahead

    Don't just reach for the car keys!
    Trains are much cheaper when you book in advance, as are coach rides with companies such as National Express and Megabus. Did you know you can get a return ticket from Derby to London on a National Express coach for just £11 if you book ahead? If you know that you’re going somewhere in a few weeks or months time, plan the journey now! You could save a fortune, so don’t just jump in the car on the day!
  • Do Some Research

    Take a few minutes to compare the options
    When you plan a holiday, you do loads of research about resort and the hotel before booking. When you buy a new TV, you look in shops and online to see what’s best and who sells it at the lowest price. Why then, when you plan a journey, do you just jump in your car without a thought? Take a few minutes to research the different ways you can make your journey and you may discover a bus route that fits the bill perfectly, or that the train will save you half an hour. Use our new Journey Planner to compare your options quickly and easily.
  • Make Journeys Fun!

    Use your imagination
    A journey doesn't have to be a boring task. Why not turn a journey into something a bit more exciting? Taking the kids swimming? Have a family bike ride to the pool and back. Going for a pub lunch? Get your walking boots on and have a nice walk across the countryside to get there. Going for a weekend away? Catch the train, take your laptop and some popcorn and use the journey to watch a good film. The fun you have on a journey is only limited by your imagination!
  • SuperConnected Derby

    Get SuperConnected with better broadband!
    If you are a business in Derby you can apply for vouchers to improve your broadband service with SuperConnected, which aims to support economic growth and jobs across the city by giving businesses the ability to access high-grade broadband and wireless connectivity. Visit the SuperConnected webpage for more information.