Arshad works in the city centre

“My walk to and from work is a good way of allowing me to clear my head and listen to recordings on my phone which aid my learning of the Arabic language.”

I’ve been walking to work at the Council House from my home in Normanton for over three years. Although I do use the car out of work, I try and walk as much as I can because of the benefits to my health and the fact that it is stress-free. There are no traffic jams, road rage or car problems when on foot. I also have no fuel costs and I don’t  have to worry about parking.

Walking also gives me the time to listen to my phone, run errands and do the shopping easily on the way home.

I took part in the 2014 Connected Commuter Challenge and won the prize for most walking journeys, burning off nearly 4,500 calories in the process.

Arshad Mahmood