The preferred option – traffic management measures

With the current ‘preferred option’ the main element of this package of measures is a significant traffic management/signal scheme which will reduce the traffic flows through Stafford Street to help address the air quality issues that have been identified in that location.

This will involve limiting the traffic in Stafford Street and redistribute it to others parts of the highway network where there will not be such significant issues for air quality.

CAZ Option 1

In addition to the traffic management/signal scheme there will also be other measures in order to be able to fully address the air quality issues:

Clean Air Incentive Scheme – targeted scheme
A scheme designed to encourage the scrapping of vehicles that are older and non-emission compliant and provide instead:

  • ‘mobility credits’, which could be used for free public transport, cycling, or the City’s car club
  • A larger amount of money towards a vehicle which is ultra-low emission for example, an electric vehicle; or
  • A smaller amount of money towards a lower emission petrol/diesel vehicle (petrol – euro 4 standard or better/diesel – euro 6 standard)

The scheme would be targeted at local residents.

  • There would be various levels of grant (money) available to encourage the early uptake of the scheme, the purchase of ultra-low emission vehicles, and support those who find it particularly difficult to purchase a new car.
  • The scheme would work alongside other grants that are already available from central government and certain vehicle manufacturers. The grant would be accessed through vehicle dealerships to ensure it is easily accessible and operates in a similar way to central government incentives that are already in place.

Low Emission Measures

  • Electric Vehicles/Ultra Low Emission vehicles
    A range of measures to encourage the early uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles. This will build upon the various supporting projects that are already taking place to encourage electric vehicles. It would include installing more electric vehicle charge points across the city and other initiatives to help people to purchase and use electric or hybrid vehicles. We will work with communities and businesses to find out the current reasons that people may not be using electric vehicles and help to put things in place to resolve them.
  • Initiatives to help businesses
    This includes the consideration of various initiatives to help support businesses to use more low emission vehicles for things like deliveries, visits and for staff. We will work with stakeholders to help determine what things might be discouraging businesses from changing to electric vehicles and help identify and put in place measures to assist them.