Chargeable Clean Air Zone within inner ring road

Option two includes a proposal for a clean air zone where the most polluting vehicles would have to pay to drive in a specified area, in this case an area inside the inner ring road in Derby. Cleaner vehicles would be able to drive within the zone without a charge.

CAZ Option 2 map

Charges would apply to vehicles where the engine does not meet a specific emission standard including buses, lorries, vans, cars and taxis. According to DEFRA, this is called a Class D clean air zone. You can check the Euro Standard of a vehicle online

Clean Air Zone emission standards for common vehicle types

Vehicle Type NOx Emissions Limit
Bus / Coaches Euro VI
Vans (1305-3500kg) Euro 6 (diesel) Euro 4 (petrol)
Car/light commercial (up to 1305kg) Euro 6 (diesel) Euro 4 (petrol)

The package of measures would also include:

  • Traffic management / signal measures specific to Stafford Street
    Various measures to reduce the number of vehicles using Stafford Street.
  • Clean Air Incentive Scheme – a more significant scheme than in option one
    This scheme would need to replace more old vehicles than the scheme suggested in option one to provide the necessary change in vehicle fleets to address the air quality issues. This is mostly because a charging scheme within the inner ring road could have the effect of making more people drive around the inner ring road (rather than into the CAZ area) and therefore onto Stafford Street, where we have the highest NO2 levels. More work would therefore need to be done to improve the pollution on Stafford Street.The scheme would be targeted at residents, people who travel to work in Derby and small businesses based in Derby. Again, there would be various levels of grant (money) available to further encourage the early uptake of the scheme, the purchase of ultra-low emission vehicles, and support those where the financial barrier to change is greatest.
  • Low Emission Measures
    Similar measures to those in option one.