We all like to save money. Money we save on boring things can be spent on things we enjoy… like a holiday or some nice new clothes. If you want to reduce the amount you spend getting around in your car, here are some ideas to help you:

  • Think About Economy

    How much money can I save with a more economical car?
    When you're out shopping for a new car, don't just fall in love with the first car that you find... do a little research into the running costs. If you want a car that accelerates like a rocket, it will probably use a lot of fuel ALL OF THE TIME. Do you really need to go that fast?! Look for cars with smaller engines, particularly diesels, and you can discover a world where 60 miles per gallon is normal, and where a visit to the petrol station isn't a costly and painful experience. Smaller engined cars generally cost less to tax too (some are zero rated), so it's a double whammy saving. A motorist who drives 10,000 miles per annum can save around £900 in fuel alone each year, just by switching to a more economical car. That's enough for a holiday!
  • Maximise Your MPG

    It's easier than you think to get more miles out of a tank of fuel
    Fuel costs a lot, so don't waste it! You wouldn't leave all the lights in your house on 24hrs a day and then moan about the cost of the electricity... so why waste fuel and then moan about how much it's costing you?! There are loads of ways to reduce the amount of fuel your car uses. Change up a gear before you reach 2,500 revs in a petrol car or 2,000 in a diesel car. Drive as smoothly as possible and avoid harsh breaking or accelerating. Turn off air conditioning as it increases fuel use at all speeds. Remove items from the boot as every 45kg removed from the car can save 1% on fuel. Take off roof racks and boxes as they cause drag. Driving at 70mph uses 15% more fuel than at 50mph. Speeding on a motorway will use even more fuel. To find out more, check out this article. A motorist who drives 10,000 miles per annum can save £400 per year just by increasing their fuel economy by 10mpg.
  • Park and Stride

    How can I save money on car parking?
    If you try to park your car really close to a popular destination, the parking can cost a lot of money . So, to save money, why not do a little research before you travel and see if there is anywhere else nearby where you could park for less (or even nothing at all) and walk the remainder of the journey? Not only will you save money on car parking, but you'll get some exercise too with a nice leisurely walk.
  • Share Your Car Trips

    Car Sharing is a great way to save money on regular journeys
    Car Sharing is a great way to save money on regular journeys. It simply means getting a lift with someone else, or them getting a lift with you. The more people share the car journey with you, the more you'll save because you can split the fuel and parking costs with the others. Does half price fuel sound appealing? Perhaps you work with someone who lives near you and you could start to share the journey? If not, don't panic as there is now derbycarshare.com which will help you to find a car share partner. Simply register the journeys you make, such as your commute, and when you make it and the website will search the database for a potential match for you. It's easy to use, secure and there's never any pressure to share with anyone. Why not give it a go? You could be saving money tomorrow!