The chances are that your company car parks are usually full to bursting with staff and customers. Some businesses even pay large amounts of money to lease extra parking spaces to ease the problems. By encouraging employees to car share, you can reduce the number of cars coming to your sites and this could help to ease any parking shortages that you have.

To promote and inspire people to car share, there is now On the website, new members simply need to register their journeys that they make (regular trips or one-off) and the website will search for other members who travel a similar route at a similar time of day. It will then display any potential matches on an easy-to-understand map and allow them to make contact securely through the site.

Corporate Sharing Schemes

A corporate car sharing scheme is a great benefit to offer to your employees as it can really help them to save money, and make new friends. It can also save your company money by reducing the number of parking spaces you need.

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